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Coastal Children’s Clinic, New Bern, NC. This project was a complete interior design makeover of a functioning 7 day a week pediatric office. Our team put together a complete interiors package including carpet, paint, counter-tops, tile, lighting, acoustic and vinyl wallcoverings and then completed the construction of the project. The design was constructed around the idea of playful colors without bringing in specific child related themes. These custom murals were designed to bring all the colors of the project together in a playful wave. They are lit with led lights woven into the mural. Each piece individually cut, painted and formed together to create a cohesive whole. Each exam room has one of four different vinyl wall coverings which blend in with the color pallet. A tile boarder was added in each of the toilet rooms with metallic paint below. Lighting fixtures were installed at the front counter adding some overhead visual interest.

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