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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve never worked with an architect before. What are the benefits?

As designers, our goal is to create


How long does it take to design a custom home?

This question does not have an exact answer because each home is different (hence custom) and each client is different. Some clients know exactly what they want and just need somebody to put the pen to paper. Other clients will come to us with magazine cutouts, houzz and pinterest boards, and simple sketches with no idea of how to make it all work together. No matter the type of client we are here to guide you through this process…and that’s exactly what it is…a process. We sit down for an initial meeting to get a good understanding of the project. We’ll then take those ideas and create a first pass. We do start immediately working in plan because we find it is much easier for clients to see the ideas working together and give us a reaction. There are usually between 3-5 meetings with large changes until the plans are refined to the clients pleasing. After that we will make any last tweaks and changes, create wall sections and details, and finalize the plans.


How much do you charge for custom plans or design work?

We charge on an hourly rate for all of our services. Before starting work we have all of our clients sign a proposal which will list out project objectives and include a range of hours we think it will take to complete the project.


Do you specify materials for your house plans?

If you are purchasing one of our online plans, no. Typically your builder will give you options or work with you on the specifics.

If we are designing a custom home for you, possibly. We like to put any specific materials we can into your plans that way any building quote you receive are more accurate and there is less confusion between you and your builder.

Because we offer interior design services, we are able to continue working with you and your builder to make these selections if you choose to do so.


Are you also able to complete the build?

GO Architectural Design, PLLC has two sister companies. GO Kitchens & Interiors, LLC which designs and sells kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and GO Design GO Build, LLC which is a small construction company. We stick to smaller projects like kitchen and bath renovations, tiny spaces, etc. We do not YET build custom homes, but we have lots of great builders in the area you can team with for a great project.


Can the plans found on our website be modified?

YES! All of our plans can be modified to fit your needs/wants. Contact us about your projects and we will write you a proposal and estimate for customized plans. If you prefer to have someone else make the modifications, you will need to purchase the plans from our website first. Keep in mind even though they make changes the plans are still a part of our copyright.


Do you sell CAD files or just PDFs?

Only PDF files are available to clients, as a safety precaution for our firm. We want to make sure the client is taken care of. We can only stand behind our design and handing out the CAD files for said design can start liability issues. However, on that note, if your engineer needs CAD files just have them contact us and after an agreement is signed we will gladly send them our electronic files so they can do their job.


What is included in the downloadable plans online?

Each “Tiny Space Plan” has 2 options of purchase; a small PDF set and a large PDF set.

The small set consists of:

-          Dimensioned and annotated floor plans

-          Dimensioned and annotated elevations

-          Square footage and footprint totals

·         These are on 8.5x11 sheets

The large set consist of:

-          Dimensioned and annotated Floor plans

-          Foundation plan

-          Roof plan

-          Dimensioned and annotated Elevations

-          Square footage and footprint totals

-          Wall Section and Details

-          Building Specifications

·         This set is on 24x36 sheets (can be printed as half sheets on 12x18)


Do you have other photos of the plans I’m looking to purchase?

No. We upload all photos of finished projects as they are completed. If there aren’t photos with a certain plan it is either in construction or wasn’t built.

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